Date of issue: 7 July 2020

Current report no 25/2020

Appointment to the Supervisory Board

Legal basis: Article 56.1.2 of the Act on Public Offering – Current and Periodic Information

Content of the report:

The Management Board of LSI Software S.A. with its registered seat in Łódź hereby notifies that on 7 July 2020 the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (current report no. 22/2020) decided to appoint Mr. Grzegorz Siewiera as President of the Company’s Supervisory Board.

Grzegorz Siewiera served as President of the Management Board of LSI Software SA continuously from 1998 to December 2014, and subsequently as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He is one of the three founders of the company. From the very beginning he was responsible for the overall functioning of the Company, development and implementation of new products and drawing up the development strategy of the Company. Grzegorz Siewiera has a university degree (Master of Science in Management) – he graduated from the University of Lodz and Wlodkowic University College. He completed Postgraduate Studies at the University of Lodz – University of Maryland – Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA).

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders entrusted Bartłomiej Grduszak with the function of Vice President of the Management Board and Michał Czwojdziński with the function of Member of the Management Board.

Legal basis: Par. 5.5 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 29 March 2018 on current and periodic information provided by issuers of securities and on conditions under which information required by legal regulations of a third country may be recognised as equivalent, and Article 17.1 of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on market abuse (MAR Regulation) – inside information.


Bartłomiej Grduszak – Vice-President of the Management Board